Unique jewellery created with passion
-your wish is my design-

With every custom piece I create, I discuss with my client what it is they want from their jewellery and what it is for. Making it wearable yet beautiful is the key.


Being able to recycle old gold is wonderful for so many reasons, but mostly so that the memories of times, places and people are continued on, perhaps even passed down to the next generation.


Working with natural materials like South Sea Pearls and Argyle diamonds is such a pleasure, as well as being able to use existing stones for my clients. Why not?!


I love being a jeweller and having the scope to make pieces that reflect who my client's are. Leave your precious ideas in my hands, and we'll work together to bring them to life! Handmade diamond jewellery Busselton - the perfect setting to create bespoke pieces.


FOR ALL YOUR CUSTOM DESIGN NEEDS, FEEL FREE TO                          .  


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