Now you own this gorgeous piece of jewellery, wear it!


Silver tarnishes (oxidises) over time, and the rate depends on your skin's acidity, exposure to chemicals and other substances (found in daily products like perfume, moisturisers etc) and wear.


If you have purchased an essential oil roller ball pendant, you will have received a silver polishing cloth as well. Please use this only to help polish your pendant, as if you use the method below in the video, it may heat and weaken the glue used to keep the cap and/or base in place.


Some people love the oxidised look, but if you're not one of them, remove tarnish from your silver by using the boiling water and bicarb soda method - it's simple, quick and is the best non-harsh way to care for your silver jewellery. It is perfectly safe for your diamonds too, but not recommended for any other precious gem (including pearls/coral/amber) or man made gem  It can be done as often as you need as it doesn't wear down the surface of your silver. It's perfect for silver chains. Just watch for when the silver starts to darken, then it's time to see magic happen!!! Any scratches on your silver jewellery should be buffed out by a jeweller. Watch this video for how-to.....

Rose gold plated pieces have been plated with 9ct rose gold over solid sterling silver. This layer will wear if rubbed against harder than itself, and if chemicals are used to clean it or yourself when wearing it. The rose gold chains are triple rose gold plated by the chain supplier. The silver underneath is still subject to tarnishing. 
To make the rose gold plate last as long as possible, it is advisable remove your jewellery prior to doing household cleaning and showering/bathing.  Contact with chemicals in bathing and cleaning products could have a stripping effect on the plating. Using a silver cleaning cloth could result in the gold plate being worn away, as this contains a chemical to remove the surface layer. To clean rose gold plated jewellery, soak in dishwashing liquid and water mix, rinse off and wipe over with a soft cloth - this will keep the plating from wearing away too quickly.  

Yellow and Rose gold shouldn't tarnish, but again depending on the chemicals they are exposed to, I have seen a few spa affected bangles and rings in my time! This can be removed by a professional jeweller using specific commercial polishes and techniques. I highly recommend you find a jeweller you can trust to do this for you.  If the yellow and rose gold gets scratched, take it to them also, where they will bring your precious jewellery back to as new. If you have gold plated jewellery, this will wear off in time (or if polished), but can be redone by myself or any jeweller with that knowledge.


White gold can be quite grey in actuality and most of it is rhodium plated to make it whiter. This is an electroplating procedure done by your jeweller, leaving a micron thickness of rhodium on your ring. How long it lasts depends on how you wear it - anything harder than the rhodium will rub it off (think bricks, rough metal - it has to be pretty hard to remove rhodium!!) It's said that re rhodiuming around your anniversary each year is a great way to keep your jewellery sparkling.


Pearls, amber and coral are 3 'stones' that are organic in nature and really don't like any harsh chemicals and detergents near them. Especially with pearls, spray any perfumes or deodorants on you before you put on your pearls. This also applies to moisturisers and lotions. Putting these substances onto pearls can lead to discolouration, as they have a porous surface.


Any stone can be damaged, even diamonds. PLEASE don't use abrasive cleaning products (ie toothpaste) to clean your jewellery at home, this could even scratch the metal. If it's super dirty and you can't get it to a jeweller before the big party tomorrow night, soak in some lukewarm water then gently using a soft toothbrush remove dirt under settings. All of this is done at your own risk, if your settings haven't been checked in a while, this is the time when stones may fall out, You'll need to take it to a jeweller to have them reset, 

Rings get scratched and worn, that's where I or any jeweller come in to help. It's also worth getting the claws and settings checked every year or so. My heart has gone to many clients who have lost their grandmother's heirloom diamond over a claw that needed retipping. Of course I offer all of these services, and am happy to pick up from anywhere in my local area (Busselton, Western Australia)