Malachite Chevrons with tassel

Malachite Chevrons with tassel


With my favourite - malachite, the chevron patterned cap is fixed to a 80 cm length chain of 1.5 mm diameter links. It also has a sterling silver cap and tassel on the base.


Crafted from sterling silver, each pendant is hand made by myself in my Busselton studio workshop, Western Australia.


All chains are belcher (round link) styles with solid sterling silver links. 


This pendant comes with a capped 2ml vial and rollerball fitment, a plain 1ml vial and rollerball fitment, spare rollerball fitment, 'key' for opening and closing rollerball fitment, and a silver polishing cloth. The pendant is packaged in a gift box with all the above extras in a calico Frank and Scents signature bag.


  • Care for essential oil roller ball pendants

    Citrus oils in blends and on their own may affect the plastic housing surrounding the metal roller ball, so their use in not recommended. Dliution may help but the ratio will differ for every oil and brand used. It is up to you to work out the ratio. A spare fitment has been included.