Love Your Sister Pendant

Love Your Sister Pendant


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Wear the love - solid sterling silver pendant 22mm x 21mm including bail.


Pair it up with a solid link 45cm belcher style sterling silver chain as an optional extra.

  • Care of Sterling Silver

    Now you own this gorgeous piece of jewellery, wear it! Silver tarnishes (oxidises) over time, and the rate depends on your skin's acidity, exposure to chemicals and other substances (found in daily products like perfume, moisturisers etc) and wear. Some people love the oxidised look, but if you're not one of them, remove tarnish from your silver by following video - it's simple, quick and is the best non-harsh way to care for your silver jewellery. It is perfectly safe for your diamonds too, but not recommended for any other precious gem (including pearls/coral/amber) or man made gem  It can be done as often as you need as it doesn't wear down the surface of your silver. Just watch for when the silver starts to darken, then it's time to see magic happen!!!